About Eclipse Mold

A leader doesn't become a leader by following the herd. It's when an individual questions the course he's on, takes the road less travelled and looks to the future, breaking the mold, that a leader is born.

Eclipse Mold, Inc. did that 44 years ago when we opened our doors and ushered in a new era of quality-assured, self-engineered mold-making and injection molding services. For three and a half decades, we've been focused on the future of our industry by investing in new technologies when others weren't, because we're dedicated to helping our customers' needs take shape.

Eclipse Mold is proud to be IATF-16949 certified.


Our Story

In 1976, Eclipse Mold, Inc. began to take shape in the in the 10' x 20' backroom of Paragon Fastener - a company Eclipse Mold still does business with today. Fred S. Craprotta Sr. took the opportunity to utilize the room, given to him by his father-in-law, to complete mold work from larger, overloaded mold shops. By completing the work with higher quality, greater efficiency and at a better price, he would soon "overshadow" his competition. And thus, the "Eclipse" name took hold.

It wasn't long before the "Eclipse" was being seen by companies all across the state of Michigan. To meet the growing demand of these companies, Craprotta incorporated Eclipse Mold in 1977 and moved to a 2400 sq. ft. facility in St. Clair Shores. Five years later, Eclipse Mold would enter its next phase.

In 1982, Eclipse Mold and its 10 employees moved to a new location in Mt. Clemens. It was at this location that Eclipse Mold began to grow into the company that it is today by organizing its manufacturing techniques, expanding management levels, intensifying advertising efforts and using the extensive expertise of its employees to enter the injection molding business.. We are still expanding our offerings with products such as Celanese's MetaLX technology to give the look of metal in a plastic, molded part.

Today Eclipse has over 100,000 square feet of space and employs 150 people. With customers and capabilities around the world, Eclipse sells, services and manufactures its products in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. This cutting-edge facility still acts as Eclipse Mold's headquarters today where the company helps Fortune 500 companies meet the challenges of their daily endeavors, whatever they may be.